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Motorcyclists in Southern California enjoy year-round weather to get outdoors and hit the road. Unfortunately, with such freedom also comes risks. Motorcyclists can suffer devastating injuries in an accident, especially if the crash involves a car or truck.

I am Brian Burchett, a personal injury attorney in San Diego. With over 30 years of experience working with complex injury claims, I know what it takes to pursue what you deserve after an accident. Early in my career, I spent several years representing insurance companies in personal injury cases. I now apply this knowledge to my clients’ cases as their lawyer. I know how insurance companies approach catastrophic injury claims, and I will fight diligently on your behalf.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcyclist, you may take precautions to keep yourself safe on the road. This could include wearing a helmet, wearing protective clothing, driving defensively and keeping up the maintenance on your bike. However, many accidents involving motorcycles are often outside of the motorcyclist’s control. Common causes of accidents can include other drivers who:

  • Drive while distracted, impaired or fatigued
  • Fail to sufficiently check their blind spots before merging or turning
  • Speed or drive recklessly
  • Fail to respect a motorcyclist’s right of way or give adequate space

An accident can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries. As motorcyclists have limited protection compared to drivers of cars or trucks, motorcyclists stand to suffer significant consequences in a crash. Injuries can include traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, paralysis and more.

What Sets My Firm Apart

Whether you suffered a devastating motorcycle accident injury or are grieving the loss of a family member in a motorcycle crash, I understand the challenging time you are experiencing. My firm is here to guide you through the process of recovering the compensation you deserve while you focus on recovering or taking care of your family.

When necessary, I will fight for your best interests in court to pursue the compensation you are due for medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, property damage, missed time at work, and pain and suffering. I know what it takes to obtain a favorable outcome, even in the most complex of cases.

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