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The right questions to ask before you have surgery

If your doctor recommends you have surgery, you may be feeling overwhelmed and a little scared about what is ahead. It's normal to feel nervous, and not just about the medical issues at hand. Before you check yourself in and have a procedure, there are several questions you may want to ask that will help you understand what is happening and what to expect.

As a patient, you have the right to know what to expect from your surgery and much more. Asking questions can help you know if something is wrong during your recovery and what you can expect to pay for the surgery. If you are getting ready to go under the knife, you would be wise to make sure you're prepared financially and legally.

Seat belt use saves lives in car accidents

Most people know that wearing a seat belt while riding in a motor vehicle is an important safety measure. However, some may not wear them every single time they get into a car, or they may believe that there are instances when wearing a seat belt is actually a bad idea. Statistics tell the real story - seat belt use saves lives. 

Just how effective are seat belts? One study done in 2017 found that seat belts may have prevented over 2,500 fatalities in car accidents had the occupants worn them. The same study estimates that seat belt use saved nearly 15,000 lives. If you or someone you care about here in California is reluctant to buckle up, there are several more facts about seat belt use in crashes that may convince even the hardest skeptic.

Be especially cautious at California intersections

In your typical course of travel throughout California, you no doubt approach intersections often, perhaps, numerous times in one day. There are various types of crossroads, some secured and others not. Understanding the difference between them and periodically reviewing safety tips for navigating such sections of roadways can help improve your travel safety and lower your risk for collision.

The problem is that no matter how alert and cautious you happen to be behind the wheel, you can't predict what another driver's next move might be at any given moment. Unexpected turns of events can not only make your road trip stressful but can also lead to sudden collision, which can have disastrous results.

Does daylight saving time cause an increase in car accidents?

This time of year, many people are still adjusting to the time change. On March 8, most of the country moved its clocks ahead by one hour. People complain about feeling tired for a period of time after the switch. However, there may be even more pressing concerns. Researchers say evidence shows that changing our clocks leads to an increase in injuries at work, as well as health complications such as heart attacks. Some studies claim that the rates of fatal car crashes increase sharply after the springtime change.

This is all reason enough for lawmakers in many states to consider doing away with the clock shift altogether. Although California voted in 2018 to permanently stay on daylight savings time, the state still participated in the biannual clock shift this month. Can anything prevent the expected spike in car accidents? Here is information that may help you keep your family safe.

A moment of distraction could lead to life-altering consequences

As you head out on California roads to tackle today's objectives, you might give little thought to the potential hazards around you. Although you likely consider it vital to take steps to stay safe as you travel, you may also share the road with countless others, many of whom might have other priorities.

One way to help reduce the odds of a collision could include finding ways to spot a potential hazard in time to steer out of its path. Among the many threats you could encounter out on the open road, few can be as dangerous as a distracted driver, and even a moment of inattention can lead to catastrophe.

Nursing home abuse happens more than you think

Even though there are many healthy seniors living in California, there are many more who have special medical needs. Some families choose to fulfill those medical needs themselves, but there may come a point when a loved one needs more. In such cases, the only real option is to find a great nursing home. Unfortunately, no matter how perfect a facility might seem, nursing home abuse can happen anywhere.

Nursing home abuse is not uncommon, but it is underreported. Since a lot of people believe that this kind of abuse does not happen often, they might not even realize when it is happening to loved ones. You might have even questioned whether you were overthinking things when confronted with your own parent's abuse.

Life could change dramatically after a traumatic brain injury

When your loved one left the house that morning, you had no reason to believe that the day would go any differently than any other. Then, at some point during the day, you got a phone call that you didn't realize would change the life of your loved one and your life as well.

Your loved one was the victim of a car accident, but that isn't the news that will change your life dramatically. Rather, it was the news that he or she suffered a traumatic brain injury. In the few precious seconds during which the crash took place, your family member suffered a serious blow to the head.

A C-section is a major surgery that comes with risks

Having a baby may be one of the most natural things in the world, but that does not mean every pregnancy, labor or delivery goes flawlessly and according to plan. Sometimes, mothers need help when delivering their babies due to a variety of reasons.

If your doctor thinks you need a C-section, you should know the risks you and your baby may face. You should know that many of these risks can easily be mitigated by your doctor. However, if something goes wrong during your procedure, there is a possibility it could constitute medical malpractice, especially if the harm done to you or your child comes with lifelong complications.

Signs of nursing home neglect

Nursing home abuse is not a situation to turn a blind eye. It’s a serious issue. Neglect occurs when a patient is not receiving the care they need and suffer as a result. The severity of nursing home neglect will differ case by case, but it’s harmful and often entails hygiene and mobility issue, and poor nutrition.

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