30 Years of Experience

Makes A Difference

If a medical mistake or accident has shattered your life, I am here to help you put the pieces back together.

30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Makes A Difference If a medical mistake or accident has shattered your life, I am here to help you put the pieces back together. SCHEDULE YOUR FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION

Injured Due To Someone Else’s Negligence?

It only takes one mistake, one act of negligence, to shatter someone’s life forever.

If you have been injured due to medical malpractice, a serious car accident or another negligent act, you have the right to pursue compensation for your losses. You face a difficult process, however, and must go up against insurance companies that will do everything in their power to limit or deny your compensation.

An experienced medical malpractice or personal injury attorney can even the playing field, helping you through the legal process while maximizing your recovery.


Serving Injury Victims In San Diego And Throughout California

Medical Malpractice

I have a strong reputation with cases involving medical mistakes or negligence, birth injuries, misdiagnosis and more.

Medical Malpractice

Personal Injury

I assist injury victims after a serious motor vehicle crash or another accident to pursue the compensation they need to recover.

Personal Injury

Leveraging My Experience To Help You Move Forward

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Get an experienced legal advocate on your side. Work with The Burchett Law Firm, PC.

I AM BRIAN BURCHETT of The Burchett Law Firm, PC, in San Diego, California. With more than 30 years of experience handling medical negligence and personal injury claims, I can protect your right to fair and just compensation for pain and suffering, job loss, medical bills and other hardships you face due to a medical mistake or a vehicular crash due to someone else’s negligence.

With decades of experience, I know which strategies are likely to work and which are likely to result in disappointment. Earlier in my career, I spent five years defending insurance companies facing personal injury litigation. I know how all of the pieces of a medical malpractice and personal injury claim fit together, as well as how insurance companies strategically approach such cases in the courtroom. I use this knowledge to make a difference in the lives of my clients.

What proof is required to make a medical malpractice claim?

A medical malpractice claim is a legal action taken against health care providers who allegedly failed to execute their job appropriately. The damages in these claims are meant to compensate those harmed by the actions of a health care professional for their injuries...

Study shows blood tests may indicate brain injury severity

Research on traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) is constantly evolving, with many researchers emphasizing the importance of early interventions and prevention. A recent study from the University of California San Francisco and two other universities found evidence that...

Early morning collision causes severe injuries

California highways are full of traffic during early morning hours. If drivers are not fully awake and alert, it can cause serious problems. Just before 6 a.m. on a recent Wednesday, a chain-reaction collision occurred on Interstate 5.   Preliminary investigations...

Preventing and treating common birth injuries

When a baby is harmed during the birthing process, it can be devastating for families. Birth injuries can range from bruises and broken bones to longer-term damage such as a brain or spinal cord injury. Despite the fact that many birth injuries are preventable, they...

Staff shortages may be impacting quality of case at nursing homes

Staff shortages at nursing homes are far from a new issue. In fact, this has been a growing concern since the 1980s. However, recently, staff shortages at nursing homes have become even more of an issue than ever before. Many experts say this could be leading negative...


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