Injured Due To Medical Malpractice?

While hospitals and medical professionals perform an invaluable service, it only takes one mistake, one act of negligence, to shatter a patient's life forever.

If you have been injured due to medical malpractice, you have the right to pursue compensation for your losses. You face a difficult process, however, and must go up against malpractice insurance companies that will do everything in their power to limit or deny your compensation.

An experienced medical malpractice attorney can even the playing field, helping you through the legal process while maximizing your recovery.

Experience That Makes A Difference

I am Brian Burchett of The Burchett Law Firm, PC, in San Diego, California. With more than 30 years of experience handling medical negligence claims, I can protect your right to fair and just compensation for pain and suffering, job loss, medical bills and other hardships you face due to a medical mistake.

With decades of experience, I know which strategies are likely to work and which are likely to result in disappointment. I know how all of the pieces of a medical malpractice claim fit together, and I use this knowledge to make a difference in the lives of my clients.

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When you work with my law firm, you will work with me. Your case will not be passed off to junior lawyers or paralegals. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact me today online or by telephone at 619-450-2436. There is no risk or obligation. You will not be charged an attorney fee unless I obtain compensation for you.