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Misdiagnosis And Delayed Diagnosis

Medical technology has made it possible to diagnose and cure diseases, injuries, and conditions that in the past were untreatable. When doctors fail to order tests and follow up on warning signs, however, these medical conditions are left to continue unabated, sometimes to the point where it is too late.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to the misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of a disease or medical condition, The Burchett Law Firm, PC, in San Diego is here to provide you with knowledgeable guidance and strong representation.

I am Brian Burchett, a medical malpractice lawyer with more than 30 years of experience handling cases involving misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis and other forms of medical negligence.

The Dangers Of Misdiagnosis

Among the most often misdiagnosed diseases are cancer, heart disease, diabetes and brain injuries. Misdiagnosis can take place in the doctor’s office, in the examination room, in the operating room. Misreading test results or simply failing to take a patient’s complaints seriously can lead to misdiagnosis.

Many times, misdiagnosis occurs in the emergency room. Even in such a fast-paced environment, doctors still must take all necessary measures to accurately diagnose medical conditions. All too often, patients are sent home having been diagnosed with a minor problem, when in reality they are suffering from something much worse.

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