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Woman files lawsuit citing negligence during surgery

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

There is risk involved anytime someone undergoes a surgical procedure. Successful surgery requires meticulous care and focused attention from all health care professionals involved in the process. Even if a surgical procedure seems minor or routine, it’s still a delicate step-by-step process. If there are any missed steps or errors, patients could be seriously or even permanently injured. Although most doctors and surgeons in California are skilled and knowledgeable professionals, they are not immune from making mistakes.  

Medical malpractice lawsuit 

In another state, a woman filed a medical malpractice claim over allegations of negligence during her surgery. Apparently, the woman had a hysterectomy. After being discharged, she apparently woman felt more pain than before so she contacted her doctor. According to the lawsuit, doctors told her the discomfort was normal and nothing to worry about.  

Two days after her surgery, the woman said she noticed something blue sticking out of her genital area. After visiting the emergency room, it was discovered a suction bulb was left inside her. The woman filed a lawsuit over claims that her doctors and medical providers were negligent and disregarded her safety, which resulted in her pain and suffering. 

Help for victims and families 

When someone goes in for surgery, they place their trust and lives in the hands of medical providers. Unfortunately, when mistakes happen during any medical procedure, patients usually suffer the consequences. Those in California who have suffered injuries or the loss of loved ones due to medical malpractice have the right to speak with an attorney about their options. A successful lawsuit could supply victims and families with financial relief and perhaps a sense of justice.