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Recent San Diego crash claims the life of a passenger

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Operating a motor vehicle comes with great responsibility. Regrettably, it is often taken for granted. The high volumes of traffic on today’s roadways make driving one of the most dangerous activities in the daily lives of many Californians. Unfortunately, it is a statistical fact that most motorists will be involved in a motor vehicle accident at some point in their lives. 

Crash details  

Recently in San Diego, one passenger was killed and another was hospitalized after a two-vehicle accident. The crash happened at night at the intersection of South Woodman Avenue and Jamie Street. Apparently, a minivan was headed north on South Woodman Avenue when the driver attempted to turn left onto Jamie Street.  

According to accident reports, the minivan turned into the path of a southbound sedan, causing a collision. Reports said a passenger in the sedan was ejected in the crash. Tragically, the passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. Reportedly, another passenger was seriously injured and taken to an area hospital and apparently died there. 

Legal recourse 

If a driver loses focus for just one second, it is more than enough time for a tragic accident to occur. Anyone in California who has suffered injuries or the loss of a loved one in a motor vehicle accident caused by negligence has the right to speak with an attorney about the available options for legal recourse. A successfully litigated claim could result in deserved and much-needed compensation to help pay medical bills, end-of-life expenses and other documented financial losses.