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How could bouts with fatigue impact driving capabilities?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Knowing what types of safety hazards you might encounter while navigating along California roads can prove somewhat challenging at times. Even if you choose to drive defensively, a portion of your safety may still rest in the hands of other drivers nearby, some of whom might not always make such sound decisions. 

Should another driver choose to operate a motor vehicle while under the effects of fatigue, it might be nearly impossible to detect the presence of such hazards in time to avoid a dangerous scenario. Driver fatigue continues to be a leading cause of collisions, and similar issues can affect driving capabilities in various ways. 

Effects of driver fatigue 

Even a momentary bout with fatigue could increase the risk that a collision may occur. Some of the hazards involved with operating a vehicle while fatigued could include: 

  • Slow reaction times: Those who drive while under the effects of fatigue may struggle to react to scenarios that arise. Anything that disrupts response times can prove hazardous in nature. 
  • Poor judgment: Studies also indicate that issues with fatigue can impact cognitive capabilities. Drivers who struggle to make snap judgment calls may stand a greater risk of causing a collision to occur. 
  • Prone to distraction: Bouts with fatigue can also make a driver more prone to succumbing to distraction. Since distracted driving is another leading cause of collisions, combining the two can be a recipe for disaster. 
  • Loss of control: Drivers who struggle with fatigue may also struggle to maintain proper lane control. As such, they may be more prone to losing control of a vehicle and veering into other lanes of traffic. 

Those who operate a motor vehicle while fatigued may be at risk of encountering issues with microsleep. If a nearby driver’s eyes close for even a second, your safety may be at significant risk in the process. 

Fatigue-related collisions 

Driver fatigue continues to play a role in many major collisions, and accidents involving such issues can have catastrophic results. Upon encountering such negligence, it might not always be possible to react in time to avoid danger, and the aftermath of the crash could leave you facing various hardships in life. Suffering severe injuries and encountering dire financial straits under such scenarios can be a harrowing experience, and the incident may leave you with questions about the next steps to take to safeguard your future interests.