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2 killed, 1 seriously injured after car lands in Chino pool

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, in some areas of California, street racing has become a significant problem. Obviously, drivers who travel at speeds well above the posted limit put themselves, their passengers and anyone else in their path at greater risk than usual. The residents of one particular neighborhood in Chino know all too well the possible tragic effects of cars traveling at high speeds. In a recent horrific example, two people were killed and a third person seriously injured when a speeding driver apparently lost control of his sports car and landed in a swimming pool.

Car becomes airborne

The incident happened very early one morning. According to authorities, the speeding vehicle crashed into a center median and flew over a fence before landing in a backyard pool. Two people in the car, a 21-year-old woman and a 27-year-old man, died at the scene, while a third occupant, a 23-year-old woman, was taken to a hospital to be treated for serious injuries.

Speed was major factor

An occupant of the home where the car landed has said he has witnessed a high number of crashes at the intersection in front of his house. Many neighbors have also indicated that street racing happens often on their road, which includes a tight bend that makes speeding particularly dangerous, and some residents would like police to put more safety measures in place. Regarding this particular crash, investigators have said they have not yet determined if drugs or alcohol were factors, but they do know speed was a major factor.

Sadly, two young people’s lives have ended far too soon. A third likely continues to suffer the effects of her serious injuries from the crash, and she may continue to do so for some time to come, perhaps the rest of her life. It seems likely investigative evidence will indicate the driver was at fault, and if so, he or she could be held accountable within the California civil justice system, regardless of any criminal charges filed. It is not clear from this report which of the car’s occupants was driving the vehicle, but even if the driver is among the deceased, his or her estate could be held accountable. A knowledgeable attorney could fully explain options available to the victims and/or surviving family members.