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Cyclist seriously injured in hit-and-run San Diego crash

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people in California and elsewhere are looking for ways to get outside and enjoy fresh air and exercise, especially now when many people are working from home and limiting social contact. For many, bicycling is a great way to accomplish these goals, but before heading out on a bike, people should be aware of the potential dangers. Cyclists often share roads with much larger motorized vehicles that, in the event of a collision, can cause serious injuries to or even kill them. Recently, a 66-year-old man suffered grave injuries in a hit-and-run incident in San Diego, and the driver has since been found and arrested.

According to San Diego police, a witness shot video footage of the incident that happened in August. Apparently, a van collided with the bicycle at a San Diego intersection. The video shows the van stopping, and the male driver and a female passenger getting out and walking over to look at the cyclist lying on the side of the road. They then proceeded to remove the bicycle from where it lay under their van, get back in their vehicle and flee the scene. The male cyclist was taken to a hospital with a life-threatening head injury.

One week following the crash, police reached out to the public to try to locate the suspects. Reportedly, two different CHP officers, at different times, spotted the van, and each time, the vehicle had a different license plate. After the second sighting, police located and arrested the suspects. The 29-year-old driver has pleaded not guilty to a felony hit-and-run charge. He remains in a San Diego County jail and is being held on $100,000 bail.

Most California residents are probably thinking they cannot imagine leaving the scene of an accident, particularly if one of the people involved has been injured. Not only do people have an ethical responsibility to remain at an accident site, but also an injured victim’s condition can worsen without immediate medical attention. In addition, negligent and/or reckless behavior on the part of the driver may have caused the collision. People who have suffered serious injury from an incident of this type have the right to pursue the matter further, beginning with contacting a California attorney experienced in personal injury law.