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Radiology errors could disrupt the diagnostic process

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

It might not be uncommon for your doctor to order various types of medical tests to help in diagnosing your health condition. This could include anything from drawing blood for lab tests to ordering imaging scans such as MRIs and CT scans, and the results of such tests may play an integral role in the diagnostic process.

However, what happens if medical professionals in California who perform imaging tests make errors in the process? Radiology errors can come in numerous forms, and the fallout of such issues could lead to an improper diagnosis that may do little to treat your condition. Such negligence may even expose you to further health complications.

Common errors

An accurate review of image tests may prove essential to reaching an accurate diagnosis, and any type of error could skew the results of these tests. Some prevalent examples of errors in radiology may include:

  • Inaccurate interpretation: Inaccuracies in the interpretation of imaging test results and failure to detect abnormalities in these tests remain two common examples of errors in this field of medicine.
  • Lack of training: In some cases, those who review images and scans may lack the necessary training or knowledge to accurately read test results, and this might prompt a greater risk of errors.
  • Overlooking vital factors: The process of interpreting imaging test results may also involve accounting for factors in your medical history. If radiologists overlook such factors, the results may prove devastating.
  • Improper techniques: Mistakes may also occur if radiology staff members use improper techniques when performing imaging procedures, as this may skew the results of these tests.

Communication is also a vital aspect of the diagnostic process, and failure to properly communicate with other medical departments regarding test results could lead to a greater risk of medical errors.

The possible impact

Radiology errors are a type of medical negligence that could carry dire ramifications, and sometimes there may be little you can do to keep similar issues at bay. Such errors could disrupt the diagnostic process, and paths of care based on an inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis could pose a significant threat to your health. Suffering severe or life-changing harm due to such negligence can be a difficult outcome to accept and may leave you with questions about the available options to help you seek accountability and protect your future interests.