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What are the consequences of speeding in California?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Personal Injury

Speeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents across the United States, which is why all jurisdictions have established consequences for not following speed limit. In California, consequences can include a ticket and increased car insurance costs. In addition, speeding can increase the risk of a car accident, which can lead to injury and even death of those involved. Here are some things California drivers should know about the consequences of speeding in the state. 

What is the typical fine for a speed violation in California? 

There are a few things that go into calculating the cost of a speeding ticket in California. First, there is the base amount, which is between $35 and $100. Additionally, payments tend to increase by approximately 40% following a single speeding ticket. With this car insurance cost included in the calculation, along with other fees like penalty assessments and courthouse construction funds, the typical financial impact of a speeding violation is between $238 and $490.   

What are the options one has after getting a speeding ticket in California? 

People who receive a speeding ticket in California typically choose between two options: either they pay the fine, or they contest the ticket. In some cases, attending traffic school will be given as an option in lieu of paying a fine. A ticket will include information on whether the driver is eligible for traffic school. 

The most dire consequences of driving above the speed limit 

Often, when people discuss the consequences of speeding, they are referring to the above information about fines, fees and legal issues. But, in fact, the worst potential consequence of speeding is that it puts the driver and others at risk of a car accident. These accidents can have serious human consequences, which can also be quite expensive when medical bills and care come into the equation. Those in California who were victims in a car accident potentially caused by a speeding driver could greatly benefit from understanding their options for seeking compensation through a personal injury civil claim.