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Study shows blood tests may indicate brain injury severity

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2022 | Personal Injury

Research on traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) is constantly evolving, with many researchers emphasizing the importance of early interventions and prevention. A recent study from the University of California San Francisco and two other universities found evidence that certain blood tests taken on the day of an injury can be highly effective in predicting outcomes down the line. Researchers say this science may have important implications for how clinicians approach brain injury recovery and guidance in the early stages.

About the study

The study in question involved the analysis of blood tests for 1,700 TBI patients. These blood tests were conducted on the day of the injury, and the results or compared with the outcomes patients experienced six months following their accident. Researchers found that two protein biomarkers (GFAP and UCH-L1) were higher in those who later experienced severe injury and death.

The results

In the study, researchers found that those with the highest GFAP values (top 20th percentile) were 23 times more likely to pass away due to their brain injury. Those with UCH-L1 values in the top 20th percentile had an even higher risk of death; specifically, they were 63 times more likely to pass away. Researchers hope that this knowledge will help medical professionals to understand the risks a patient may face even after what may appear at first to be a mild brain injury.

What to do following a brain injury

While this study is promising for medical professionals, there is much that scientists have yet to discover regarding the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injuries. The study is also a sobering reminder that individuals who are in accidents resulting in a traumatic brain injury may have significant complications throughout their lives, and in some unfortunate cases, death may also result from these injuries. Such incidents can cause incredible emotional and financial hardship, which is why it can prove invaluable for victims in California to speak with an personal injury attorney following a traumatic brain injury.