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Early morning collision causes severe injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Personal Injury

California highways are full of traffic during early morning hours. If drivers are not fully awake and alert, it can cause serious problems. Just before 6 a.m. on a recent Wednesday, a chain-reaction collision occurred on Interstate 5.  

Preliminary investigations showed that the initial force of impact occurred when one vehicle slammed into the rear of another. Several more trailing cars couldn’t stop in time. The result was a chain-reaction collision that was so forceful that it caused one of the vehicles to roll.  

Highway patrol officers were immediately dispatched 

The vehicle that went into a roll came to a halt on its rooftop in the middle of the road. Someone called for emergency assistance, and California patrol officers were immediately sent to the scene. One person involved in the multi-vehicle crash suffered severe injuries and was transported to the hospital.  

Driver distraction is often a factor in rear-end collisions 

Investigators are still working to determine what or who may have caused the collision. Often, when one car is hit from behind by another, it is due to the rear driver’s negligence. For instance, if someone is looking away from the road or using a cellphone, he or she may not notice that traffic in front has slowed or come to a stop, which can have disastrous results. A recovering victim whose injuries were caused by driver negligence can seek financial recovery for losses by filing a personal injury claim in a California civil court. For anyone considering this option, it is a good idea to pursue the claim alongside an experienced personal injury attorney.