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Many car accidents caused by manholes are preventable

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Personal Injury

Road construction sites can be full of hazards, and even the most careful individuals who are traveling through these areas can find themselves in harm’s way. One of the common causes of injuries in road construction sites are manholes, which are often installed using techniques that are decades old. They can result in injuries to those installing them and to motorists passing through these areas. Here are a few things that show how the majority of these incidents are actually preventable. 

  • Manhole installation isn’t always treated as skilled work: When manholes are installed poorly, they can be a higher risk to workers and those traveling through the vicinity. Therefore, it is important to value experience and training when selecting individuals to install manholes. 
  • Modern methods and guidelines aren’t always applied: Many aspects of manhole installation have not been updated in the last 75 years, making it a particularly risky procedure. However, there are some modern techniques that can reduce the risk. For example, it can be helpful to use modern methods of leveling. It’s also important that all workers are up-to-date on safety guidelines. 
  • The neglecting of proper specs and equipment: “It has always been done this way” can be a dangerous perspective in the construction field. If a more scientific measure or a simpler, safer tool is available, implementing these can help to create a safer environment. 

The use of inexperienced crews or outdated equipment are key factors in many motor vehicle accidents that occur in construction zones. This is true in the case of manholes as well as in many other aspects of road construction, and it can impact not only the crews but many drivers on the roadways as well. Motorists who suffer injuries due to roadway construction negligence could benefit from discussing their unique circumstances with an experienced California personal injury attorney.