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Speeding driver causes crash, killing 1, critically injuring 1

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2021 | Personal Injury

Likely, most California drivers enjoy the freedom that comes with having a driver’s licence, but they also appreciate that driving is a privilege that comes with a responsibility to follow all the rules of the road, including speed limits. Unfortunately, some drivers do not always take this responsibility seriously and drive at unsafe speeds, engage in distracting behavior or act recklessly in some other way. Such self-centered behavior can lead to a tragic ending. Sadly, this was the case recently when a three-vehicle collision in Antioch killed one person and critically injured another. 

Speeding driver hits oncoming vehicles 

According to police, the collision involved three vehicles. The driver who caused the crash was traveling north at a high rate of speed on an Antioch roadwayThe vehicle went through an intersection and then crossed over to the opposite lane, hitting two southbound vehicles. Apparently, a witness captured the aftermath on a cellphone; the video showed several wrecked vehicles and debris all over the street. 

Passenger dead, another critically injured 

Reportedly, a female passenger in the northbound vehicle died in the crash. Another passenger was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. The driver of that vehicle was also transported to a hospital and treated for moderate injuries. The drivers of the two cars that were hit were treated for minor injuries.  

Investigators have said neither alcohol nor drugs appear to have been factors in the crash. However, the driver who caused the crash was speeding and could also have been distracted while driving, whether by a cellphone, fatigue or even actions such as eating or talking while driving, any of which could have caused him or her to lose control of the vehicle. If investigative evidence proves the driver was at fault, he or she could be held accountable within the California civil justice system. The victims and/or their families could sit down with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss their options for restitution.