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Addressing some of the most prevalent causes of bicycle accidents

On Behalf of | May 12, 2021 | Personal Injury

Motor vehicle accidents involving bicycles continue to be some of the most dangerous types of collisions one might experience. If you are an avid cyclist, the idea of being involved in a similar incident might be a difficult thing to consider, but it might not dissuade you from taking part in something you enjoy. 

Prior to heading out on California roads, it might be in your best interests to seek insight on ways to improve your safety and reduce the odds of an unfortunate situation. Part of achieving this goal could involve taking time to address some of the most pressing safety concerns for cyclists. 

Bicycle accidents 

While a bicycle accident could take place under a multitude of circumstances, some accident causes may prove more common than others. Some common examples of bicycle accident causes could include the following: 

  • Presence of distraction:  Distracted driving continues to be a common cause of collisions, and those who fail to stay focused on the task at hand while driving could pose a serious threat to your well-being. 
  • Cyclist visibility:  Studies also suggest that many bicycle accidents occur when a driver fails to spot a nearby cyclist, and as such, it could prove essential to find ways to increase your visibility while riding your bike, such as wearing bright clothing and using reflectors. 
  • Right of way:  Failure to yield is another common concern, and even if you have the right of way at an intersection, ensuring that other drivers nearby are prepared to yield and let you pass before attempting to cross could prove imperative. 
  • Riding conditions:  Knowing your cycling routes and steering clear of hazardous road conditions could also prove vital to reducing your odds of being involved in a dangerous incident. 

Even if you take every possible measure to promote a safer riding experience, should nearby drivers fail to take the same approach, their negligent actions could still place your health at risk in the process. 

When a collision occurs 

It is no secret that a bicycle-related collision could leave you with severe or even life-altering injuries. The incident may also cause you to experience various challenges in life, whether in dealing with the financial ramifications thereof or even facing the changes to your life stemming from any lingering effects of your injuries. Even if the incident did not cause you permanent harm, it could still disrupt various areas of your life and leave you facing a long road to recovery.