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Young woman killed while standing on freeway

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Personal Injury

Most people know how quickly life can change. For example, drivers, passengers and even bicyclists and pedestrians on or near roadways can become involved in a motor vehicle accident that can seriously affect or end their lives, and these types of tragic events most often happen in a matter of seconds. Sometimes, one crash will set off a chain reaction, causing further damage, as was the case recently on a California freeway when a young woman was killed while standing outside her vehicle.

Driver stood outside crashed vehicle

The horrific incident happened early in the morning on Interstate 8 in El Cajun. According to a California Highway Patrol officer, a 19-year-old woman had lost control of her vehicle and hit the center divider. Apparently, her car came to a stop in the far-right traffic lane. The driver then exited her car and stood nearby.

Another vehicle causes second crash

Another vehicle traveling on the freeway crashed into her car, causing it to hit the woman, who was then hit by two other vehicles. Sadly, she was fatally injured as a result of the incident. The 24-year-old man driving the vehicle that struck the woman suffered major injuries and was taken to a hospital.

Police do not know why the victim initially crashed her car into the divider; many factors could have caused this part of the sequence of events. As well, investigators do not yet know if drugs or alcohol were factors in the incident. However, investigative evidence could very well indicate fault on the part of the driver who struck the disabled vehicle that, in turn, led to the fatality. In that case, the young victim’s family may consider speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney. In California, as in all other states, victims of similar tragic circumstances, or their surviving family members, have the right to explore their options within the civil justice system.