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Drivers arrested for street race causing death of Moreno Valley man

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most drivers behave responsibly on the road. Unfortunately, some drivers in California and elsewhere seem to find street racing fun. However, not only is such reckless behavior against the law, street racing can also cause injury or even death to people in the driver’s path. Sadly, such was the case when two vehicles were street racing in Moreno Valley, and one of them struck and killed a pedestrian.

Pedestrian hit and killed

The incident happened early in the evening on a recent Saturday. According to authorities, two men were street racing and were eastbound on a city street when one of them hit a pedestrian walking across the street. Neither vehicle stopped at the scene. The pedestrian, identified as a 45-year-old Moreno Valley man, died at the scene.

Drivers contact authorities

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has released a statement that the two drivers involved in the collision contacted them later that evening and identified themselves as the drivers. Deputies have since arrested the two men, a 20-year-old Moreno Valley resident and a 22-year-old Perris resident. Reportedly, detectives have accused one of the drivers of murder and street racing, and the other driver has been accused of vehicular manslaughter and street racing.

Apparently, some people think street racing is a harmless form of entertainment, but in reality, this pastime can cause serious damage to other people, the participants themselves or even property, whether theirs or another person’s. In this case, the worst-case scenario occurred, and a man died, simply because these two drivers chose to behave recklessly. Many California residents probably find this type of tragedy particularly difficult to process since it seems so preventable, and they may feel the people responsible should be held accountable for their actions. Victims of similar circumstances, or surviving family members, can always discuss their options with an attorney experienced in this area of the law.