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Good Samaritan seriously injured while helping crash victim

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Personal Injury

Some drivers breeze past an accident scene without much thought about the condition of the victims or whether help is on the way. Many others may pass by and think about stopping to help, but will then continue on to their destination and go about their day. A few people, however, will actually pull over to the side of the road to offer assistance. Sometimes, people who engage in this type of selfless act put themselves in danger of becoming another victim, as happened recently on a California highway.

Pedestrian killed on highway

The California Highway Patrol report that on a recent Saturday night two crashes happened on a north Fresno highway. Apparently, two vehicles struck a pedestrian on the northbound lane of the highway. Emergency responders pronounced the victim dead at the scene.

Good Samaritan struck by vehicle

The second crash occurred when a good Samaritan driving near the scene pulled over onto the center median, intending to help the struck pedestrian. That person was struck by another vehicle and was transported to a local medical center with major injuries. Investigators are looking into both crashes, but police think it likely that drivers trying to avoid the first incident contributed to the second incident. Reportedly, no other person involved was injured.

Certainly, most California residents admire selfless people who have no obligation to stop, but still do so, risking their own safety to offer aid to crash victims. Unfortunately, sometimes these types of situations add to the existing tragedy, and the person who stopped to help becomes another victim. In this case, although details of the good Samaritan’s condition have not been reported, likely, he or she has already suffered physically and emotionally and may continue to experience life-altering effects for some time, and the deceased pedestrian’s family is left to grieve their loved one. If investigative evidence indicates another person is at fault in either of these crashes, the injured victim and/or surviving family may consider speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney about their options moving forward.