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The right questions to ask before you have surgery

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

If your doctor recommends you have surgery, you may be feeling overwhelmed and a little scared about what is ahead. It’s normal to feel nervous, and not just about the medical issues at hand. Before you check yourself in and have a procedure, there are several questions you may want to ask that will help you understand what is happening and what to expect.

As a patient, you have the right to know what to expect from your surgery and much more. Asking questions can help you know if something is wrong during your recovery and what you can expect to pay for the surgery. If you are getting ready to go under the knife, you would be wise to make sure you’re prepared financially and legally.

Important questions to ask 

There is risk involved with any type of surgery you have. Before you go in, you will want to know what will happen in recovery, expected pain levels and more. However, there are also legal factors to consider, and asking the following questions will be helpful:

  • What is the cost? Many patients who had surgery get surprise medical bills in the weeks and months following the procedure. Knowing the cost upfront will help you know what out-of-pocket expenses you can expect to pay.
  • What is the procedure? You have the right to know exactly what type of medical procedure you are undergoing, what will happen during surgery and what the expected outcome will be.
  • What are the risks? Some procedures may come with a few risks, and you need to know what to expect. You also need to know what your expected recovery will be like so you can determine if something is wrong. 

Even when patients do their due diligence, medical mistakes can still happen. If something went wrong during your surgery, it is possible you are a victim of medical malpractice.

What’s next? 

If you think something went wrong during your surgery, you may find it helpful to speak with an experienced California personal injury attorney as soon as possible. If you are a victim of malpractice, you could have grounds to move forward with a civil claim. Surgical errors can have detrimental consequences, and you do not have to deal with them on your own. An assessment of your case can help you understand the specific legal options available to you.